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Technical Computer Services, Inc.
15 Shady Hollow Drive
Dearborn, Michigan 48124-1129
Voice #: (313) 563-4890
Fax #: (313) 274-4890

Technical Computer Services, Inc. specializes in software development and engineering services.


Custom Engineering Software
Developers of Engineering & Manufacturing
Custom Computer Software, Hardware & Services

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Custom Software Development

TCS has been in business over 20 years and have developed numerous custom software applications including engineering analysis, design, statistics, data acquisition, curve and histogram plotting, and database applications. We develop websites using Microsoft Visual Interdev and SQL Server. We have written major applications in Visual BASIC, Visual C, and Fortran. Our applications are very user-friendly and ergonomic. We develop custom software to meet the specific needs of our clients. Most recently we have specialized in various types of automotive applications.
If you are looking for some custom engineering, manufacturing software development, or commercial design please contact:

Mike Mousigian
(313) 563-4890 (Phone)
(313) 274-4890 (Fax)

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